The response categories in the Likert scales have an order of priority, but the intervals between the values cannot be considered the same. The first two statements measure the client`s perception of the business. Traditionally, the Net Promoter Score question is used to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. Qualitative research, such as focused groups or in-depth interviews, can help establish a list of statements. The last three comments focus on the individual and can be part of a thought leader or early adoption scale. You can simply create a scale of elements that touch on political or social issues, religion, or other important topics. The notions of central tendency are often applicable at the item level – that is, the answers often show an almost normal distribution. The validity of these measures depends on the underlying interval nature of the scale. If the nature of the interval is assumed for the comparison of two groups, the t-test of t-type samples is not unfit. [5] If non-parametric tests are to be performed, it is recommended that the pratt (1959) [16] be modified from the standard wilcoxon signed Rank test. [5] Quotes: Vagias, Wade M. (2006).

Likert response scale. Clemson International Institute for Tourism & Research Development, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management. Clemson University. An important part of data analysis and presentation is the visualization (or pleating) of the data. The topic of presenting Rating data from Likert (and others) is widely discussed in two articles by Robbins and Heiberger. [19] In the first case, they recommend the use of divergent stacked bar charts and compare them to other plot styles. The second document[20] describes the use of the Likert function in the HH package for R and gives many examples of its use. A good Likert scale, as above, shows a symmetry of categories around a center with clearly defined linguistic qualifiers. In such a symmetric scale, equidistant attributes are usually observed more clearly or, at the very least, deduced. When a Likert scale is symmetrical and equidistant, it behaves more like a measurement at regular intervals. While a Likert scale is actually ordinal, if it is well represented, it can still approach a level interval measure.. .