The second reason why the cost of wrongdoing by insurance companies is significantly reduced is the savings resulting from a significant reduction in the amount paid to lawyers. It costs between $50,000 and $100,000 in legal fees to defend a complaint of misconduct in a civil court. It costs between US$15,000 and US$45,000 to defend a doctor in arbitration. This is because motions and confessions between lawyers are largely eliminated by discovery, and because the average arbitration period is five months, not five years. What is arbitration? A physician and a patient may agree to use private, confidential and expedited arbitration instead of a lengthy and costly public court process to adjudicate a complaint of misconduct. In arbitration, an arbitrator (usually a retired judge) rules on the case. Each party has the same right to provide all relevant evidence in its possession as it would in a public proceeding. Witnesses may be called and documents filed. However, lawyers are not allowed to participate in the application process and the art of discovery play, which increases the costs of civil trials. By checking the box below, I agree that East Village Acupuncture – Massage is in no way responsible for the preservation of my personal belongings while I am on treatment. I agree with all the conditions and policies of East Village Acupuncture – Massage, including cancellation conditions. I have carefully read and understood consent to treatment and conciliation. Arbitration also removes the emotion of the decision on misbehaviour claims and ensures that a passionate, neutral expert will decide the case on the basis of its merits and not its emotional appeal.

The four greatest distinctions in history against non-medical physicians were all strokes for which the practitioner was never found negligent by the jury. Yet these doctors were judged by $1.8 million in California; $2 million in California; $5.4 million in Kansas; and the current record holder, $10 million in Connecticut. Unfortunately, none of these doctors were in an arbitration program. On the other hand, there has never been an arbitration award against a non-medical physician over $100,000.