Please note that the GGIS system is in development and departments are downloading their data. For any questions, please contact The administrative function of the firm`s office is the recognized centre of excellence for scholarships, for the “Government Finance and Policy” professions, and we support the granting of grants in the central departments and bodies of Length through a series of forums. The grant management function is made up of experts for government-wide scholarships. State grants are made according to a common procedure, defined according to functional standards and agreed between governments, from the development of a case case to the final impact analysis. We do not have a central annual aid procedure. Instead, all of our grants are for specific projects and priorities of the mayor. Details of funding opportunities can be found on our website. This agreement provides services for the implementation and implementation of scholarship programs. It includes the management, assistance and provision of grants; Designing, communicating programs, evaluating applications and distributing money or services to winning candidates. You cannot grant a direct premium under this agreement. For more information, see the contest guide. To buy through another competition: our team members use their individual experience and expertise to develop policy, advice and training to promote the achievement of the best value for money through better management of scholarships.

Financial assistance is a common funding option for the state to support policy objectives in areas such as education, research, civil society and innovation, as well as abroad, through international aid projects. Government subsidies amounted to $116 billion between 2017 and 2018. Grants` management function in the firm`s office supports central services and provides Arm`s Length Bodies. We have three objectives that support the improvement of financial assistance: we also make funds available through grants to voluntary and local organizations. On this page, you will find details about the organizations that have received grants and the amounts we have released. Spotlight is available in all public and public institutions.