More than a year after agreeing on a massive comparison of allegations that falsified EHR certification standards, eClinicalWorks has been fined for failing to report patient safety issues with its software to supervisors within a set time frame, in violation of an agreement with the federal government. As part of this agreement between eClinicalWorks and the CIA, the company is required to immediately inform its customers and users of patient safety issues and to list these issues on its customer portal. If you need help verifying or negotiating your EHR agreement or if you have any questions regarding ECW comparison or compliance with health technologies in general, click here to speak to a lawyer at Nixon Law Group. Corporate Compliance Program Like the CIAs required under other ACF comparison agreements, the CIA requires ECW to implement an effective corporate compliance program that includes a full-time compliance officer, a compliance committee, a code of conduct, written compliance policies and procedures, a training program, and a compliance hotline or other disclosure program. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced, on May 31, 27, 2017, an agreement (concordation agreement) in which the allegations made in the DOJ complaint (complaint) that eClinicalWorks (ECW), a provider of electronic medical record (EHR) software, led its customers of healthcare providers to file false Medicare and Medicaid claims for reasonable use payments contrary to the False Claims Act (FCA). .