To qualify, a joint sponsor of I-864 must meet all the following requirements: Once you have decided to pursue a joint loan agreement with another supplier, you must take several important steps to be ready to submit your application. Once you have found that your content is authorized for AMA PRA Category 1™, you must create a contract. A common sponsor is usually required when the sponsorship partner (primary sponsor) and his household do not have sufficient income and/or assets to meet the minimum financial requirement of a marriage-based green card. Don`t try this alone. Ethos CE has more than 16 years of experience in assisting physician associations in maintaining compliance and extending their CME programming. Our services manage your common supplier agreements, documents and submissions to CMECA. A common supplier agreement is not a document you want to try without a thorough review of the rules, standards and legal implications of your partnership. A common sponsor may include the same types of income as the wages, pension benefits and pension allowance that a spouse can use. For more information, please see our guide to income requirements. As a result of the Public Service Pension Reform Agreement, a joint sponsorship agreement was signed between the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the five major unions representing union members of the public service retirement plan. The aim of this agreement is to define the principles of the common trust provided for by the reform agreement of 2 September 2014. B. As an accredited supplier of CME, you are recognized by the ACCME or by a State Medical Society (SMS) recognized by the ACCME.

Organizations that do not have accreditation must have a common supplier agreement with an accredited supplier. By signing the approved agreement, the non-accredited provider confirms that this core activity will be used to develop, maintain or improve the knowledge, skills and professional services that a physician uses to provide services to patients, the public or the profession. In addition, the non-accredited provider assumes responsibility for all aspects of the planning and implementation of these CME activities, in accordance with the accreditation criteria, policies and commercial assistance standards of the Continuing Medical Education Accreditation Board (CMA). The funding policy and the framework of the fiduciary corporation, which is added to the agreement as a timetable, provide that the obligations of a common sponsor would be maintained if the patist spouse and the marriage-based green card holder were to terminate their relationship through divorce. Here are some tips to help you evaluate your common supplier agreement and maintain compliance with AMA and ACCME standards: if the green card holder receives a “non-public fee,” the joint sponsor and sponsor spouse must not repay its value to the government. However, some government authorities may also count the common sponsor`s income as the green card holder`s income when they decide whether or not to grant benefits and the corresponding amount. In other words, if the common sponsor`s income meets 125% of the federal poverty guidelines (or another percentage, depending on the agency`s application criteria) for the size of their household, including the green card holder, the green card holder may be denied benefits or receive a lower amount. Boundless has a detailed guide to income and wealth requirements by location for different household sizes. This guide also contains information on the types of income and assets a joint sponsor can use to meet financial requirements.

In this case, the joint sponsor should hire its own independent lawyer to defend its interests in the unlikely event of a legal action or to help them understand the risks of joint sponsorship and swearing.