NOTE: If your manuscript and videos are accepted for publication, the video files are stored in a newspaper video and processed by JAMA Network`s video production staff in the newspaper style. In addition, a JAMA Network employee can contact you to resubmit your videos to meet our production specifications. For example, a larger size may be required, and if your videos have been sent with built-in text such as titles, annotations, captions or labels, we will ask you to delete the text at that time and re-transmit the textless video, and JAMA Network`s video production will reorganize the entire text with our home style. 1. Goals and Scope: International Journal of Pediatrics is an expert-reviewed open access journal that publishes original research papers, review papers and clinical trials in all areas of pediatric research. References. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the references. Quotes must be numbered in the order in which they are displayed in the text. The reference style should follow that of the AMA Manual of Style, the current edition. Abbreviated newspaper names should reflect the style of the Medicus index. Visit: If you used reference management software (z.B.

EndNote) to prepare your manuscript, you must convert the file to text only before being forwarded. Please note that the HTML page generated with references is reserved for personal/editorial use; Please do not use word line numbering on your references. Publication in the Media/Embargo Guidelines It is a violation of the copyright agreement to pass on to the media or the public the results of a manuscript accepted prior to its publication in the Journal of Pediatrics. The information in the manuscript may be disclosed when it is published on the Journal`s website. Please inform the editor as soon as possible if your institution expects to write and distribute a press release on an accepted article. The Journal publishes pre-corrections (i.e. accepted manuscripts selected for publication that have a note and may change before final publication). Due to the Journal`s rapid online publication, requests for press releases cannot be met and are determined on a case-by-case basis if the authors have not informed the editor until they are adopted by the publisher. The Journal of Pediatrics is an international journal that advances pediatric research and serves as a practical guide for pediatricians who manage health and treatment disorders in infants, children and adolescents. The Journal publishes original work based on standards of excellence and expert reports. The Journal attempts to publish high-quality original articles that immediately apply to practice (basic research, translational research, evidence-based medicine), short clinical and laboratory case reports, medical advances, expert comments, grand tours, informative editorials, “classic” physical examinations, and new insights into pediatric clinical and academic medicine in every aspect of child health.

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