In deciding (b) the court will consider: the nature of the offence, all previous offences, whatever the lessor/agent did to repair the injury, whatever you did about the breach and the history of the lease. If the court does not make the order, your lease will be sued. There are different types of leases, such as . B: 1 month`s notice if your lease runs from month to month. I`m on a six-month lease and I`m 20 weeks pregnant. I have two months of full communication to leave. I have to find a bigger apartment before the baby is born, because I currently live in a studio. I plan to inform the landlord in advance to ask if they can terminate the lease after 5 months instead of 6 months. Has anyone ever been in my situation or can they give me some advice on how I can approach the owner? Should I tell them now during my first month of lease or would you advise waiting and terminating 3 months before the end of the lease? I am afraid that they will take my deposit or push me to continue paying the rent until the end of the lease. I can`t afford to lose money because I need as much money as I can get for the new apartment that will cost more. Whether you can terminate your lease prematurely depends on your lease. Your rental agreement should indicate how much notice you need to give your landlord before you leave the property.

The end date of the lease must be the first day or last day of the rental period. You can choose which one should be used. I came outside the property, but did not enter and then because of the behavior of the “tenant”, I became from inside the property to “Call Police” I did so first the police were helpful, but after talking with the tenant came aggressive again with me and said I was disgusting, do not admit the rent because there is a background story that I do not know and they will not say. The tenant earns more than 60k plus three times what I do (I`m not social services) The police told me to get all their refunds in full and she was going to leave (the agent was now on vacation and couldn`t do that and didn`t hold all the means me) To bring this escalation situation, I went and then gave all the money to the family member who went to give it to them (before the police) she refused the money and the family member noticed that they had completely moved in and were not going anywhere, and he went out to inform me of what was going on inside, I did not enter it. You said they never refused the property in the first place (they refused ownership of four different people, who were office workers) – The start and end date of the lease If you have to leave your lease prematurely, then it is best to explain to your landlord why. Sometimes declaring that you have been laid off, that you have been separated from your partner or that you can no longer physically climb the stairs to the apartment leads your landlord to sympathize with your situation. They are rather understanding when they think they can easily rent the property, perhaps at a higher rent. If you want legal advice on your lease or how you want to terminate your lease, the team of owners and tenants of OTS Solicitors can help. Call us on 0203 959 9123 or complete our online application form. One last option you probably can`t rely on is that the lease is not valid for any reason.