The park owner may attempt to circumvent the evacuation procedure by harassing the owner of the mobile home, removing services on the ground or preventing them from living safely and comfortably in the house. This practice is called self-help evacuation and the owner of the park is not allowed to do so. The only way a mobile homeowner can disable or enforce public services is a legal eviction settlement. The owner of a mobile home can sue the owner of the park for clearing. A Texas mobile home park owner must have a specific and determined reason for dislodging a mobile home owner from his property. The reasons for the expulsion are defined in Chapter 94, Sub-Chapter E of the Texan`s Statutes. This section deals with situations of dismissal, expulsion and forced execution. The mobile home owner may be evicted from the park because the rent of the land and incidental fees are not paid if the use of the park changes, if parking rules are not respected or if other rental clauses are not respected. The owner of the park must inform the owner of Texan mobile homes that the rental contract is terminated on the basis of the escape. In the event of non-payment, breaches of the rules and breaches of the lease, the notice of termination contains a clause to correct the infringement and to re-elect the tenancy agreement. The termination notifications give the owner 10 days to fix the problem or move his mobile home. It`s a lease. A written agreement between the landlord and the tenant that sets out the conditions and other provisions relating to the accommodation of a house manufactured on the site of a manufactured roommate.

If you rent a quantity in a Home Park or a community produced with 4 lots or more, the Texas Manufactured Home Tenancies Act has a long list of requirements that park managers must meet, including: – as the owner (hereafter referred to as “Lessee”) of this Mobile Home Park (`Park`), by Park – If written consent is given, the agreement must indicate the date and time that entry is allowed and entry is limited to that date and on time.