From to Archive Of Our Own (AO3), Wattpad, Live Journal and, there are literally thousands of stories written by Potterheads around the world that live up to all tastes. And as a long-time fanfic reader, I`m here to tell you that Boy Who Lived fans are an incredibly imaginative band. From multi-part stories that invent epic romances to popular “boats” like Draco and Hermione, to travel adventures and mature eroticism that evaluates the “M,” which makes you want to tighten your pearls, there`s a story for everyone. Some may be a little rough at the edges, but a fair warning: Once you read one, it`s hard to stop. While it`s almost impossible to tell any amazing story inspired by Rowling`s lyrics, I hope this list of the best fiction from Harry Potter fans will take you down a path that will allow you to find what you need. We`ve organized our 52 selections of some of the most popular ships and invitations to fandom history, which often overlap with you. We also have a derivative of Need-to-Know-Lingo among fanfic die hards. Have a good read! Megamatt09s many smut works are located next to on Archive of Our Own. Harry and his new friend will take over Hogwarts, possible in the funniest way possible. Whaddaya means Harry/Dobby/Bloody Baron won`t work well on the Horcrux Quest? For other ways to live your best life and all that Oprah, sign up for our newsletter! We all want more Harry Potter beyond the seven series of J.K. Rowling and the timeless franchise of eight blockbuster films. Where exactly are you going if you`re looking for more of the fantasy universe that The Boy Who Lived introduced us to? If the novelties of the celebrated series, all “What if… In one way or another as the sky rings, you`ll probably get lost in the digital maze that is the harry Potter Fiction fan.

Harry realizes that he is a Nephilim, a kind of black angel who takes his power by making love. His Nephilim powers have not matured and grown over the years because he did not have sex, so what does Harry Potter do, sixteen years? linkao3 (Harry`s sexual year; Harry Potter and the Sexy Shrines) Twitter (delete spaces obviously): Twitter. com/Cambrian_s_Smut A look at a Harry who, after the defeat of Voldemort, chose to become a professional Quidditch player, not an Auror or a ministry official or whatever.