In addition, ICANN has encouraged the separation of registries and registrars in order to encourage competition by stipulating in the agreement that NSI can only renew its registration contract with ICANN for a period of four years if it sells its registration activities. [2] In 2000, Verisign acquired NSI and renegotiated with ICANN its TLD registration agreement .com, .net and .org. ICANN did not require separation of ownership, but proceeded with a structural separation. ICANN stated: “Under current market conditions, there is little or no additional competitive value under current market conditions if the registry operator prohibits being as registrar as long as there is no discrimination against other competitive filers.” [3] [4] 23. Any notification, direction or other notification we give you as part of this Agreement must be written down and emailed to the address listed in the WHOIS entry. A valid notification is deemed to have been issued only when the sender has obtained an electronic delivery confirmation. In the case of e-mails, notifications should be sent to or, in case of notification, to the email address you indicate in your WHOIS file. Any e-mail communication is considered effective and effective at the time of communication if this date is a business day and this delivery was made before 5pm.m.AEST, otherwise it will be deemed to have been delivered the next business day. At this time, while you have the right to withdraw your consent to make your personal data available, we cannot fulfill our obligations under this agreement (including the registration and maintenance of a domain name for you) because: Netregistry sends you certain domain expiry notifications before and after the expiry date of the domain name license by email. If you registered your domain name as a direct Netregistry customer (not through a reseller) and selected the automatic renewal option, we will try to renew your domain name before it expires. If you have not chosen to automatically renew your domain name, you can renew your domain name at any time before the date 30 days after the expiry date (renewal deadline) at Netregistry. You acknowledge that some registrars offer an additional period after the extension period during which a filer can renew his or her domain name before he or she can be reseeded by other parties. If your domain name has not been otherwise processed under the terms of this registration agreement, your domain name will be cancelled upon registration, allowing you to obtain another 30-day registration period in which you can exchange your domain name by paying us the exchange fee (the current replacement fee is shown here and can be changed).