ETYM Latin congruens, p. pr. of congruere: cf. French congruent. In geometry, with the same shape and size, as on two-dimensional or fixed figures applied. For congruent figures, one figure corresponds exactly to the other, although this may require first a rotation and/or rotation of one of the characters. Congruence geometry, agreement or correspondence; It`s the same thing. ETYM Latin aequivalens, -entis, p. pr. de aequivalere to have the same power; aequus equal to `valere` to be strong, worth it to be: cf. French equivalent. Associated with Equal and Valiant. Essentially, it is the same.

Sinonimi: | Enough | passable | fair zu middling ETYM Old Fren. deu, French d`, p. p. of duty to schuld, from Latin debere. The family of debt, dress, duty. (Homonym: tau, do). 1. Due and payable immediately or upon request; SYN. due to the evolution of the 2. In the current circumstances, it is reasonable.

3. Appropriate or expected in the circumstances. We are planning to arrive. (French) “to the extent necessary”; as it should be; Good manners It`s spotless. (French “as it should be”) Socially correct and acceptable. ETYM See French Responder. 1. Someone who answers; SYN. Answerer, answering machine. 2.

The accused (particularly in the context of divorce proceedings accused of adultery with the co-accused). ETYM Latin analog, Greek, according to a fair report, proportional; ana – logos proportion, proportion. In the context of logic. 1. Similar or corresponding in some respects, although otherwise different; SYN. Correspondent. 2. (Biology) Corresponding in function, but not in evolutionary origin.

Nice French ETYM. 1. Very nice; SYN.C`s fun. 2. Ready to agree or give its consent. 3. According to his own tastes; acceptable. Sinonimi: | harmonious harmonic | | ETYM Latin reciprocus; Of unknown origin. each of two or more people or things given or carried out in return. each other; complementarity; interchangeable. 1.

Corresponding or consistent in form or sign 2. Submitted, compliant 3. According to the uninterrupted order — used by geological layers formed under uniform conditions ETYM Latin Konggruus, meet by congressmen, meet to agree. Of uncertain origin. 1. corresponding in character or species; SYN.C`s congruent. 2. Agrees or agrees together. ETYM Latin adaequatus, p. p.

de adaequare ad – aequare gleich, aequus gleich. Compared to Equal. 1. Enough to accomplish a goal; Syn. That`s good, that`s enough. 2. The average; acceptable; SYN. passable, just at middling.

3. (sometimes followed by “bis”) meet the requirements, including a task. ETYM Latin commensurabilis; – measurement. Related to Commensurate, Commeasurable. Can be measured according to a common standard. measurable to the same standard; proportionality. ETYM French allouable. 1. Deductibility under tax laws. 2. It is necessary to deserve to be admitted or taken into consideration. 3.

Authorized to authorize; SYN. I didn`t do it. ETYM See French response. 1. Subject to solicitation; SYN. Tractable. 2. A subject sensitive to the feelings or attitudes of others.

3. Prepare for suggestions and influences. 4. Be willing to react to people or events; Show emotions. 5. (religion) respect or use of answers or antits that are recited or sung alternately; SYN. Antiphonal. ETYM Old Eng. French, From Latin Proprius. In the context of adequacy.

1. Suitable for a condition or occasion; Syn. That`s right, it`s appropriate. 2. Characterized by suitability or suitability.