I think it`s a great start, but I`m not sure we don`t have a complete set of what. B whether it is, for example, a third-party financing supplement or incorrigible real estate contracts. I`m not sure how they decided to translate the shapes… It would be really helpful to have the most used forms. Real Estate Seller Announcement February 2017 (Advertencia Sobre Propiedades Particlares en Venta) These Spanish translations of AAR the most used forms in residential transactions are intended for REALTORS® to support their Spanish-speaking clients. These translations should not be used as transactional documents to be signed, but only as accompanying translations of AAR forms. Texas REALTORS® reserves the right to remove any content you have downloaded, posted or submitted on any of our blog posts if we believe this is contrary to these Terms and Conditions. . Unrepresented payment from the seller Approval February 2007 (Al Vendedor Sin Representacion) At LA Translation, we do real estate and mortgage translations from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish! Agreement for the termination of the warranty deed guarantee real estate purchase contract (for investors) option for the purchase of real estate – mortgage documents are mandatory contracts. Wire Fraud Advisory June 2019 (Advertencia Sobre Frauds Electr`nicos) Cure Period Notice February 2019 (Notificacién Del Periodo De Subsanacion) Disclosure Real Estate Agency – Election January 2009 (Divulgaci Eleccién de Agencia de Bienes Raéces) Notification of the contract (Short sale) February 2012 (Notificacién de Acuerdo) Candidates for occupation February 2013 (Solicitud de Ocupacion) .

Real Estate Terminology (Hablando de Bienes Raéces) Sworn Statement of Payment History / Deed of Trust Affidavit of Mortgage Payment History Appraisal request Partial Assignment of Note and Deed of Trust Full Assignment of Trust Partial Assignment of Note and Mortgage Rate Contract / Partial Purchase Agreement Full of Note and Mortgage Purchase Partial Assignment Note – Statement of Confidence Full Purchase Contract / Note – Mortgage Estoppel Affidavit by Mortgagee Estoppel Affidavit of Mortgagor Notice of Abandonment August 2018 (Notice of Abandono) Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract February 2020 (Contrato de Compra de Bienes Raéces para Reventa Residencial) – LAW requested by Assemblyman Paul Fong (D-Cuper) , that the mortgage documents are written in the same language during which the oral negotiations took place. Homebuyers – Read these documents! (Compradores de Viviendas – “Lean Esos Documentos!” Buyer inspection release with response from seller February 2017 (Notificacién de Inspeccién del Comprador de Residencia y Respuesta del Vendedor) Solar Lease Loan Addendum October 2017 (Anexo de Asuncién de 1Arren damiento Solar / Préstamo para Energéa Solar) Released to the tenant of the termination of the management August 2013 (Aviso al Arredatariosobre la Terminacion de la Administracién) Texas REALTORS® provides content via various online platforms, including this blog. By interacting with one of our blog posts, you agree to comply with the following conditions: Move In/Move Out Condition Checklist August 2012 (Lista de Verificacién de Mudanza / Desalojo) Approval of restricted representation December 2002 (Consentmiento de Representacion Limitada – Consent Communication / Disclosure June 2019 (Aviso / Divulgacion) We translate and/or review communications and all documents relating to: Pre-Qualification Form February 2017 (Forma de Precalificacién) Application for Industrial Loan Request Home Loans Transmittal Balloon Summary Mortgage Note Consent to Background and Background and Reference Check Form to Check References by Phone Landlord`s Claim on Security Deposit Owner/Tenant-Stipulation for rent payment under agreed terms and avoid eviction landlord/tenant-agreement with respect to tenants unit modifications landlord/tenant modification rental