3. The representative is treated in this agreement as an independent contractor, not as a worker, and this clause should be protected, as the distinction is very important to the company. This means that the salesperson is not entitled to workers` benefits and is responsible, among other things, for his own income, his social security and Medicare taxes. Ask the Rep to fill out a D-9 IRS form with documentation on the status of the reps. The IRS has a long history of reps being independent entrepreneurs. This category, unlike other categories, has established precedents as long as the Rep is not astailed in your head office. Even under these conditions, a representative can be treated as an independent contractor; but the “bar” is higher to comply with IRS standards. B. Restitution of materials.

All trademarks, trade names, patents, copyrights, drawings, drawings, formulas or other data, photos, demonstrators, literature and sales aids of any kind remain the property of the company. Within 10 days of the end of the agreement, Rep returns all these items to the company at Rep`s expense. Rep cannot make or keep copies of confidential articles or information that could have been entrusted to it. With the end of this agreement, Rep ceases to use all of the company`s trademarks, trademarks and trade names. When a company wants to recruit sales staff, it is important to provide them with sales policies and policies so that they can better represent the company in front of customers and customers. A trade agreement is a crucial document in hiring sellers. This agreement not only defines the land on which your business is based, but also gives the salesperson appropriate advice on their obligations and responsibilities and how they should behave around the people when they represent your business. This agreement also highlights the targeted sale that the agent must make with his salary, his schedules, his territory and his commission or any bonus at each sale. Rep frees the company and is free of any claim, damage or action (including reasonable legal fees) resulting from negligence or wrongdoing by Rep, its employees or agents. The first step in signing a trade agreement is to study the requirements of the workplace very carefully.