While immunity protects a person from criminal prosecution, immunized statements and testimony may nevertheless be available to be used against a witness in non-criminal cases, such as civil proceedings, disciplinary proceedings and tax proceedings, and result in extrajudicial consequences such as the loss of a job or licence. In addition, a person who has obtained immunity may be prosecuted at a later date for perjury because of conflicting and contradictory statements. 5. If Mr. Wilson does not fully comply with the conditions set out in paragraph 3, that immunity is und sour. (1) The name, document or other identifying information of the market use procedure. Immunity agreements are contracts between the government and witnesses. The witness gives information and testimony, and the government promises not to prosecute. But it`s not that simple. These treaties generally take one of two forms, and while they offer some protection, both do not really render the testimony “immune,” as the word is generally understood. In the case of a “use immunity or derivative instrument regime,” the government cannot use the evidence or evidence derived from that witness against that witness. Transaction immunity is much stronger and prevents the government from prosecuting the witness for crimes (“transactions”) related to testimony. Norm hastily agreed to use immunity and use derivatives and found himself in trouble because the food did not “take advantage” of his statements against him.

Because of the prior monitoring and revenues, the standard was guilty of legitimate sources of evidence that were not related to his testimony. If he had slipped and negotiated for immunity from transaction, the standard might have been protected. For 18 states.C. No. 6002, a witness who has been granted immunity but refuses to testify to a federal grand jury, may be scorned. In addition, grand jury witnesses may be charged with perjury or misrepresentation in their testimony. In our telephone conversation of April 20, 1999, we referred to the federal Crown`s “document-related” immunity before discussing it further.