“You had a bad night.” His tears made him uncomfortable. It came to him in the water that he hadn`t seen so much of his wife yet – even on the beach that summer, she was wearing a loose t-shirt over her swimsuit, and even the children`s requests couldn`t get her to go to the water. “It was like more, but you`re probably right. His smile was flaccid at best. “Don`t worry, no one has seen me. Her wide, smooth forehead wrinkled as she tried to calm him down. Ethan Kemp`s wife, walking around the market town where they lived in this state, didn`t want to create the kind of image he would approve of, and Ethan cared about the image they presented to the world. Isn`t it in your mind to tell me – or the police? But Ethan knew that practicing Hannah would be a very comfortable woman – until he discovered that his shy fiancée had hidden passions. Fascinated, he wanted their wedding arrangement to be in much more intimate terms. He had planned to be a real husband! “Why? Nothing happened.. .