c) A tax may depend on the outcome of the case for which the service is provided, unless a possible tax is prohibited by paragraph d or other laws. A conditional royalty agreement is written in a letter signed by the client and defines the method by which the fee must be determined, including the percentage or percentages owed to counsel in the event of a transaction, lawsuit or claim; Litigation and other expenses that are deducted from recovery; and whether these fees should be deducted before or after the calculation of the contingency tax. The contract must clearly inform the customer of all costs for which the customer is responsible, whether or not the customer is the dominant party. Following a question of possible fee, the lawyer presents the client with a written statement containing the outcome of the case and, if recovery, referral to the client and the method of his disposition. There is only one fool who hires a lawyer without a written agreement. Good lawyers know this and explain your homework and theirs in a document that you can read and understand. It is only when you have understood the agreement that you will be asked to sign and confirm your understanding with your lawyer. Always ask for a copy of the legal fee agreement at your first meeting. As with all documents, make sure you fully understand before you sign it. No serious lawyer will put you under pressure to accept an on-the-spot fee agreement. If he does, you will find another lawyer.

Section 6148 requires written agreement for a written commitment agreement in almost all areas outside Section 6147, where it is reasonable to expect that the client`s total cost, including legal fees, will exceed $1,000. It provides that the agreement describes the lawyer`s method of compensation; The general nature of the legal services to be provided; and the respective responsibilities of the lawyer and the client with respect to the performance of the contract. The counting requirements of the agreement are also set out in Section 6148. However, there are several exceptions to the requirement of a written pricing agreement, even if the customer is a company. These reasons, as well as the protection afforded by a handwriting in the event of a dispute, as well as compliance with ethical requirements, require written agreement. The requirement for a written representation agreement is not limited to litigation, but also applies to transaction issues. Paragraphs 6147 and 6148 of the Business and Professions Code and the provisions of the California Rules of Professional Conduct not only require written undertaking agreements, but also dictate their content. Among other types of contracts and transactions, The Civil Code Section 1632 states that if a legal fee contract is negotiated primarily in one of the five languages listed, orally or in writing, the lawyer must translate an unfulfilled copy of the agreement to the client in the language in which the agreement was negotiated, including a translation of any duration and condition in the contract or contract before the client complies.